The main products obtained in ORION FOUNDRY are requested by a large number of clients from the oil industry, the chemical industry, food industry, railway industry and naval industry. ORION can supply you with bars and bushings but also with other semiproducts of various shapes . ORION can cast nonferrous items of weights between 500 g and 1000 kg. ORION can continuous cast round bars of small diameters, and can also produce hexagon bars.

ORION uses different casting technologies as: centrifugal casting, continuous casting, extrusion, pressure casting or static casting:

• Tin bronze (CuSn)
• Aluminium bronze (CuAl)

• Brass (CuZn)
• Aluminium Alloys

• Other Copper Alloys
• Antifriction Metal Alloys

Bronze with aluminium

DIN 1714 SR EN 1982 – CuAl9 ASTM B148 9A
DIN 1714 SR EN 1982 - CuAl10Fe2 ASTM B348 9DSREN12163
DIN 1714 SR EN 1982 – CuAl10Fe5Ni5 ASTM B148
SR ISO 428

Bronze with tin

RG5 DIN 1705 SSR EN 1982 – CuSn5Zn5Pb5 ASTM B143 SAE 62
RG 7 DIN 1705 SR EN 1982 – CuSn7Zn4Pb7 ASTM B143 SAE 66
SnBz12 DIN 1705 SR EN 1982 – CuSn12 ASTM B548 SAE 65
SnPb10Bz10 DIN 1705 SR EN 1982 – CuSn11Pb2
SR EN 1982-99 – CuSn10Pb10

piese turnate bronz
bare bronz
semifabricate bronz
turnare bronz
prelucrare bronz

SR EN 1982-99 CuZn33Pb2Si
CB 750S, CC 750S
CB 753S, CC 753S
STAS 199-86 CuZn40PbT
AmT59 STAS 199-80
SR EN 1982-99 CuZn35Mn3Al2Fe1 CB764S, CC764S
STAS 199/2-86 CuZn40PbSnT
STAS 199-80 AmXT0
STAS 199-80 AmXT5

piese alama
turnare alama
semifabricate alama
aliaje alama
turnatorie neferoase

Low alloyed copper
SR EN 12163
Cu 99.5% Cu-DHP CW 024A

piese cupru
turnare cupru
semifabricate cupru
aliaje cupru
turnatorie neferoase

AlCu SREN 1706 SR EN 1706:2000 EN AC 21000
AlSiCu DIN 1714 SR EN 1706:2000 EN AC 45000

piese aluminiu
turnare aluminiu
semifabricate aluminiu
aliaje aluminiu
turnatorie neferoase

ORION SRL produces nonferrous cast parts using different casting technologies as for example cantrifugal casting, pressure casting or continuous casting. Cast parts resulted are semi finished.

ORION can also produce and supply you with zinc anodes and solder bars.

turnatorie neferoase
bare bronz